Compliance and Data Protection

WÆRK supports our clients in creation of strong compliance standards and their active adherence and enforcement.

Many legal regulations oblige companies to implement transparent processes as well as (preventive and repressive) control and security measures to ensure compliance with legal regulations. In the event of a breach, effective remedial mechanisms are required.

WÆRK advises and supports in the following areas

  • internal audits as well as the introduction of labor and social law compliance processes including preventive measures,
  • the development of compliance standards (code of conduct, corporate mission statement/philosophy),
  • regular information and training of managers and employees
    compliance with statutory data protection requirements and the introduction of other security measures (video, screening, etc.) in line with data protection requirements,
  • the introduction of regulations on the use of e-mail and the Internet in the company,
  • the establishment of a whistleblowing reporting system,
  • the fight against corruption,
  • the observance of prohibitions of discrimination and disadvantages.

In addition, WÆRK offer advice and support in the case of identified violations with regard to the necessary and permissible measures for the preservation of evidence and clarification of the facts as well as possible measures under employment law and subsequent proceedings (protection against dismissal, liability, injunctive relief). This also includes the clarification of questions of a possible board liability and its coverage by a D&O insurance.

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