Co-determination / Collective bargaining

WÆRK provide support in all matters of co-determination within the company in accordance with the German Works Constitution Act (BetrVG).

Co-determination comprises the legally stipulated participation of a (company / group) works council in personnel and social matters of a company or enterprise or a group of companies.

WÆRK provide assistance in all areas of collective co-determination. Starting with the (re-)election of the works council WÆRK advise in all areas of works constitution law.

Our competences in the context of co-determination include the accompaniment and negotiation of works agreements, in particular on the following topics:

  • Organization of working time
  • Company agreements on overtime / short-time work/ health protection / behavior at the workplace (code of conduct, whistleblower)
  • Introduction of remuneration principles (premium and bonus systems)
    Regulations for the introduction of software in companies

In addition, WÆRK assist with:

  • structural changes
  • company sales,
  • company relocations
  • company mergers and separations and
  • reorganizations
  • consultations and negotiations of works agreements and social plans.

Furthermore, WAERK supports and advises the special negotiation group in the negotiations for the establishment of a European Company (SE).

If a company solution cannot be found by mutual agreement, WÆRK advise and represent clients in conciliation boards and labor court resolution proceedings.

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